2020 Best Games for Kids

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2020 has been the year of staying home and trying to keep your kids entertained while preventing your house from slowly descending into chaos. Our comprehensive mini guide has 2020’s best games for kids – some might just encourage you to grab a remote of your own and join in too. 

All Things Mario

The classic has been reinvented many times with different versions like Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Mario Odyssey hitting stores this earlier this year. Nintendo’s cash cow is now intended for the conveniently portable Nintendo Switch. This version promises fresh tracks, fan favorites and supports four multi players in the split-screen format, along with eight players when you join the online tournament. One of the top picks for all ages, Mario’s name is one that is synonymous with fun and adventure.

Just Dance 2020

Aimed at bringing friends and family together, this fun and interactive game is sure to get you into the groove. Featuring more than 500 songs ranging from Disney’s Frozen soundtrack to Justin Bieber’s latest chart topper, the interactive digital game comes with a dance on-demand subscription streaming service.

If you’re worried about not doing 10,000 steps per day, the game’s ‘Sweat Mode’ has a calorie count option which will track calories burnt during your intense dance-off. Streaming on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, and Google Stadia, the options to Just Dance are limitless.

Cars 3

Your dreams of channeling the iconic red racer, Lightning McQueen, are about to come true.
Choose from over 20 tracks set in locations ranging from Radiator Springs to sandy beaches with Cruz Ramirez. Advance your abilities and challenge family and friends in the Battle Race to win the coveted Ultimate Champion trophy and a spot in the Cars Hall of Fame. With up to four players allowed, players can race on their TV’s, tablets, or phones.

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

Striking another note of nostalgia, everyone’s favorite building block LEGO is back with a brand new, action-packed digital game. With some of the most popular brands joining forces, players can expect to see a Dark Knight, a Wizard, and LEGO Master Builder making their way down a yellow brick road. Invested players will have the chance to purchase expansion packs, gadgets, vehicles, and more. Available on Xbox One and PS4, bring a friend along to join the adventure.

Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes 2.0

With the roaring success of the Avengers franchise and Marvel universe, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 brings an immersive experience where players can channel their favorite heroes. Featuring original story material, Marvel and Disney fans can choose from three plots and an array of characters (plus the option to customise them). Starring fan favorites like Thor, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and more, battling against the universe’s infamous villains. The Disney starter pack includes Merida from Brave, Stitch, Aladdin, Baymax, and more. Suitable for ages six and above, we’re sure this game will appeal to the young adults in your house too.


Widely advertised as the best video games for children between the ages of 6-12, LittleBigPlanet3 is favored by parents all around the world. The tagline ‘play, create, share’ effectively describes the three elements of the puzzle and logic-based game i.e: play alone or with others (locally or online), create new content, and share your creations and discoveries with others. The game introduces several mini-games and has become immensely popular because of its forums where players can solve problems together, inspiring a sense of community.

Rayman Legends

Often compared to Mario games but with a less methodical layout, Rayman Legends focuses on how well you can use speed to your advantage. With levels, similar to racetracks, the three main characters Rayman, Globox, and Teensies must navigate through different worlds and discover the secrets they have to offer. For ages seven and up and supporting four players, families can join in to tackle tricky levels on their Xbox, Wii, PlayStation or PC.

So, there we have it, our wrap for 2020’s best games for kids. With the digital market constantly evolving, it’s hard to keep up with what may seem like a good game to enhance your kid’s memory and encourage them to apply logic and reasoning while having fun. Gaming is often interactive so don’t be shy to pick up a console and learn how to battle aliens with your family and friends too.

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