Will Virtual Reality Take Over?

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Virtual Reality or VR is a simulated experience that makes the user feel like they are in a real-world situation. It can be used for various purposes like entertainment, education, or training. Using a combination of augmented and mixed reality, a person is able to explore the artificial world, move around in it, and carry out certain actions, depending on the situation.
We’ve all seen VR being used in movies and shows. Often showing utopian or unworldly situations, it has been something of a fantasy for a long time. Modern technology has made it possible for this immersive technology to come to life and we’re here to ask the all-important question: is the virtual reality about to take over the gaming industry?

What you need for a complete VR experience

The idea behind virtual reality is clearly reflected in the name – the experience is meant to feel like it is taking place in the real world. Including audio and video feedback, the latest VR technology has started incorporating sensory feedback through haptic technology which allows you to touch and feel things, a seriously cool addition we can’t wait to try.

All virtual reality systems use VR headsets which consist of a head mounted display with a screen fitted to be in front of the player’s eyes. Highly priced VR headsets need to be connected to a computer, however cheaper ones can be connected to your smart phones. All headsets must be used with good quality headphones and optional accessories depending on what you’re using them for.

Further developments in technology have also led big name brands, like Sony VR, to drop prices by a significant amount. Games that cost $1000+ before, now can be purchased for just $300+ as the increasing popularity of the genre has allowed for mass production. And an impressive manufacturing rate from well-known tech companies Occulus, Lenovo, Quest, and HTC have shown that VR might just be the way to go for the best gaming experience possible.

The rise of Virtual Reality

If you’re concerned about gaming and console options being limited because of VR technology, then this information might make you want to take a second look. In 2016, Sony released the PlayStation VR (PS4VR), a virtual reality headset designed to be fully functional with the PS4 and PS5 consoles. The PlayStation VR allows you to play both virtual games or existing non-VR games using ‘cinematic mode’. This allows the content to be displayed on a simulated projection screen which can reach up to 18 feet virtually, along with a 360-degree photo and video features. PS4VR owners can also watch 3D movies on this platform.

VR devices also have their own app stores, similar to the app store on your smartphone. Players can look for several games that can be accessed using their device or use certain applications on their PC to browse through the options. The ever-absorbing world of virtual reality is constantly evolving. VR games app developers are always concerned with improving the visuals and features as it is a relatively young concept. This next-generation gaming plan pushes developers to come up with new and alluring concepts, which allow the player to have a novel and surreal experience every time they play.

With the easy availability of consoles and VR games on Amazon, you could order a set and immerse yourself in a gaming experience like no other, with the click of a single button. See if you can find our favorite game of 2020, Half-Life; Alyx, which is so visually stunning it caused several VR headsets to sell out the month it was released.

Other uses of Virtual Reality
Solidifying how brilliant the concept is, VR is used for more than just gaming. One of the latest trends is virtual reality marketing, where brands give customers the option of testing out accessories or being a part of the shopping experience without leaving their homes. VR offers the unique feature of allowing brands or advertisers to track eye movements and understand what part of the screen the viewer is most interested in.

As for other uses of VR, it can be used for training students studying medicine, military training, or virtual tours of places, including museums, zoos, and historical landmarks. Big franchise movies and shows have also taken to producing 4D movie experiences which are a prime example of the path virtual reality is taking. Being unable to leave the house due to restrictions might be a great way to look at what virtual reality can do for us, and how it may help change perspective and enjoy certain experiences from different settings. With its rising popularity and companies looking at ways to make it more accessible, portable, and affordable to the public, we think VR games might significantly define next-generation gaming.

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